Greater Bustleton Civic League

Our mission is to preserve, improve, and ensure appropriate development. 

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Pennypack Environmental Center Open House
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Pennypack Environmental Center Open House
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Pennypack Environmental Center Open House

The typical zoning project brought to the GBCL for a membership opinion is reviewed by the GBCL Board, before the presentation to membership, in the following manner:

1. GBCL is contacted by an applicant, or the applicant’s attorney informing us of their project, the stage they’re in of the application process, and requesting a date to present their project to membership as required of them by City Planning. 
2. This contact is usually followed by receipt of the L&I notices and plans of the project.

The GBCL Board then begins their review.

3. L&I documents and plans are examined.
4. Requests for any needed clarification are sent to the applicant and L&I. Multiple phone conversations usually take place. 
5. Photographs are taken on location of the project area. 
6. City records are examined for permit and tax history. 
7. Relevant zoning rules and principals are researched. 
8. Collaboration with Councilman Brian O’Neill’s office takes place. 
9. Information is exchanged and discussed at executive board meetings with the applicant often on a speaker phone line responding to questions. 
10. Meetings are sometimes held with affected neighbors. 
11. Flyers are produced and physically distributed to surrounding neighbors and businesses informing them of the upcoming presentation and requesting input on the proposed project.
12. Incoming inquiries and opinions from neighbors that arrive on the hotline and emails are collected. Multiple conversations usually take place. 
13. Applicant or applicant’s attorney is informed of any issues that were uncovered or unaddressed in their original proposal. 
14. With the GBCL inspection complete and summarized, photographs, project plans and any relevant documents are loaded onto the computer for projection at the membership meeting. 
15. The project is then presented to membership by the applicant for a vote.