Greater Bustleton Civic League

Our mission is to preserve, improve, and ensure appropriate development. 

Upcoming Events

Sat Mar 14 @ 9:00AM - 03:00PM
Pennypack Environmental Center Open House
Sat Apr 11 @ 9:00AM - 03:00PM
Pennypack Environmental Center Open House
Sat May 09 @ 9:00AM - 03:00PM
Pennypack Environmental Center Open House

At Home:

1. 75% of burglaries involving older persons involved unlocked doors and windows; and, less than half of these robberies are reported. Remember to lock your doors and windows.
2. Never open your door automatically or let a stranger into your home. Consider a peephole.
3. If a stranger asks to use your telephone, offer to place the call for them yourself.
4. Try to vary your daily routine.

5. Use a "Neighbor Watch" system to keep an eye on your neighborhood. A concerned neighbor is the best protection against crime.
6. Don't leave notes on the door when going out.
7. Leave lights on when going out at night; use a timer when away for an extended period.
8. Notify neighbors and the police when going away on a trip. Cancel deliveries, arrange for your mail to be held by the Post Office, or ask a neighbor to collect it for you.
9. Never accept unsolicited "free" inspections of your furnace, roof, air conditioner, etc. Never leave inspectors alone when they are in your home.
10. Consider keeping an inventory with serial numbers and photographs of resalable appliances, antiques and furniture. Leave copies in a safe place.
11. Don't hesitate to report suspicious or criminal activities.
12. Install deadbolt locks on all your doors.
13. Keep your home well lit at night, inside and out; keep curtains closed.
14. Ask for proper identification from delivery persons or strangers. Don't be afraid of asking.
15. Do not hide your keys under the mat or in other conspicuous places.
16. Never give out information over the phone indicating you’re alone or won't be home.
17. When you’re away, make your home look and sound occupied. Use a timer for lights, radio.
18. If you arrive home and suspect a stranger may be inside, DON'T go in. Leave and call 911.

1. 12% of all crimes against the elderly: purse snatchings & street robberies. Hide your purse.
2. If you are attacked on the street, make as much noise as possible by calling for help. Call 911 and report the crime as soon as possible.
3. Avoid walking alone at night. Have a companion accompany you, even during the daytime.
4. Avoid carrying weapons; they could be used against you.
5. Always plan your route and stay alert to your surroundings. Walk briskly.
6. Stay away from buildings and doorways; walk in well-lighted areas.
7. Have your key ready when approaching your front door.

While Shopping:
1. Never leave your purse in a shopping cart. Never leave your purse unattended.
2. Don't carry more cash than is necessary. Use checks and bank cards where possible.
3. Never display large sums of cash.

In Your Car:
1. At stop signs and traffic lights, keep the car in gear.
2. Always keep your car doors locked, in or out of your car. Keep your gas tank full and your engine properly maintained to avoid breakdowns.
3. If your car breaks down, pull over to the right as far as possible, raise the hood, and wait INSIDE the car until help arrives. Be wary of strangers who offer help.
4. Travel well-lit and busy streets. Know your route.
5. Don't leave a purse on the seat beside you; put it on the floor.
6. Lock bundles or bags in the trunk. Always keep belongings out of sight.
7. When returning to your car, check the front and back seat before entering.
8. Never pick up hitchhikers.

1. Many criminals know exactly when government checks arrive and may pick that day to strike. Avoid this by using Direct Deposit which sends money directly to your bank.
2. Never give your money to someone who identifies himself as a bank official. A bank would never ask you to remove, and then return your money.
3. Never withdraw money from your bank accounts for anyone except yourself.
4. You should store any valuables in a Safe Deposit Box.
5. When someone approaches you with a get-rich-scheme, stop listening.
6. If you have been swindled or conned, report the crime to the police. Con-artists count on their victim's reluctance to admit they've been duped. If you delay you help them get away.

If you never report the crime, criminals are free to cheat and rob others again and again.
Report every crime.